Top 5 Reads of 2015

January 01, 2016

2015 was a slow year for me as far as reading goes. It was my first year as a mom, which left my brain slightly frazzled.    I did listen to a lot of audiobooks (and I totally count that as “reading” if you were wondering) and averaged about one or two per month. While I didn’t read nearly as many books as I planned (my goal was 50) there were definitely some good books in the mix. Below are my top 5 books read this year (in no particular order)!



The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

I just finished this one yesterday.  I was determined to finish it before the end of 2015 because I loved it so much and wanted to include it in this list. A few weeks ago I posted that I was in a bit of a reading slump and this is the book that got me out of it. If you love Liane Moriarty or Jojo Moyes, Kate Morton is destined to be your next favorite.

The Secret Keeper begins with sixteen-year-old Laurel Nicolson witnessing her mother, Dorothy, stab a man that had only moments before walked up their driveway. Because the stabbing is reported by her parents as self-defense against a stranger her mother didn’t know, Laurel is confused since she is sure she heard her mother call the man by name as she watched the scene unfold from her tree house. Fifty years later while her mother is on her deathbed, Laurel comes to the realization that she must find out what happened that day so long ago. Jumping back and forth between 1941 and 2011, this book will have you sitting on the edge of your seat as you use the events from both time periods to figure out the long kept Nicolson secret.



Landline by Rainbow Rowell

It is no secret that I love Rainbow Rowell and basically everything she has ever written. This book is by far my favorite of her novels because I could relate to the characters and their struggles. This is one of those that kept me up late at night not wanting to wait until the next day to find out what happened next.

You can read a full review of this book here.



Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Have I mentioned that I love Rainbow Rowell?  Carry On is definitely different from Rainbow’s other books in that it is her first fantasy novel and her others are (mostly) realistic fiction. Carry On is a magical boarding school story that had me thinking about how much I loved Harry Potter all over again. While it is definitely the same genre as Harry Potter, Rowell has created a entirely unique story that I couldn’t help but love.

Read the full review here.



Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty

I discovered Liane Moriarty at the beginning of this year and spent the rest of the year reading every book she has written and then sought after other authors that were like her (Kate Morton was one of those).  I love how she tells stories from different character’s perspectives and then weaves everything together. She has most definitely perfected the multi-narrative approach.

Read my full review of this book here.



Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee

I read this book shortly after it came out and have been slowly forming my thoughts and opinions on it. It has received tons of controversy and lots of speculation as to whether Harper Lee actually even wanted it to be published. Many  were claiming that this novel was a sequel of sorts to To Kill a Mockingbird, but it has since been determined that Go Set a Watchman is actually a first draft of her pulitzer prize winning novel. Knowing this gives me a little more perspective and helps me appreciate it for what it is. I loved the book because I love her writing style and how she paints a picture of life in the south during that time. It is most definitely not a pretty picture and Atticus is most definitely not the man he was in To Kill a Mockingbird. For some reason Harper Lee decided that Atticus needed to be the hero of her story and not a racist man who simply conformed to the times. Frankly, I’m rather glad that she did and Go Set a Watchman helps me appreciate To Kill a Mockingbird all the more.

*I highly recommend listening to this one on audio. Reese Witherspoon is the narrator and her southern accent offers a truly unique experience with the book.


What were some of your favorite books from this past year?

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