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Hello Friends,

I am so very honored that you are here and that you are interested in incorporating some natural products into your self-care routine. Because YOU are important and taking care of yourself is a must so that you may care for and love those around you well.

The idea for Some Call Me Crunchy began years ago when I started having chronic migraines, sickness, and fatigue. I started to research possible changes I could make to deal with my health issues and hopefully eliminate some of the medicine I was taking. This research led me to first change my diet to mostly whole foods and then to consider all of the other environmental factors that could be affecting my health. I wanted natural, non-toxic alternatives for my beauty, household, and cleaning products.  At that point I was introduced to essential oils and began creating my own line of products. 

Most days you can find me hanging with my two kiddos, working on new products for the shop, or organizing something in my home. As a former librarian turned stay-at-home mom, I thoroughly enjoy working from home in my yoga pants. I’m an essential oil lover, a bit of a minimalist, and I’m excellent at napping and Netflix binge watching (current faves being Grey's Anatomy and Broadchurch).

Thanks for stopping by- keep in touch

Much Love,