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Cedar + Rose Smudge Sticks

This bouquet of dried herbs and flowers helps to clear the air. Cedar specifically has been used to drive out negative energy, bring in good influences, and to bless a new home. 

Note: Rose color varies. 

How do I use a smudge stick? 

1. Open a door or window

2. Set an intention or mantra. Decide what you'd like to purify or release from your space. An "I release" statement is a great place to begin: "I release feelings of inadequacy and of not being enough," "I release feelings of negativity for ______." 

3. Light your smudge stick. Hold your stick at a 45 degree angle. Light it using a match or lighter and let it burn for about 20-30 seconds. Then gently blow out the flame. You should see orange embers.

4. Walk around your space. Walk around your space holding the stick and allow the smoke to flow throughout. Guide the smoke and negativity toward the open door or window so that it can escape. 

5. Be safe. Do not inhale smoke directly. Be cautious and keep the smudge stick in your hand at all times while it is smoking. 

6. Extinguish. Once you have finished walking through your space, be sure to thoroughly extinguish your smudge stick by placing the smoking end in dirt or sand. Do not run under water to extinguish because it will make it difficult to light again. 


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