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Handmade Wool Dryer Balls (Set of 3)

Wool dryer balls are an eco-friendly, natural fabric softener that shortens dry time and keeps single-use dryer sheets out of landfills! Set of 3XL grey wool dryer balls. 

Why use dryer balls? 

  • They can cut your drying time in half. 
  • They help to reduce static. 
  • They are chemical free, unlike dryer sheets. 
  • They can be reused over and over again which cuts down on waste. 
  • They can be used with cloth diapers. 
  • They are back yard compostable. 
  • You can add essential oils to them! I suggest adding 2 drops of our Spring Clean Diffuser Blend to each ball. Reapply ever 3-4 loads or when smell has dissipated. 


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