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My Personal Makeup Routine + Product Links

February 13, 2020

My Personal Makeup Routine + Product Links

A couple weeks ago I wrote a blog post about my personal facial care routine and I promised a follow up makeup routine post! As most of you know, I'm super picky about the products I use and try to stick to products that are clean (meaning they don't contain a bunch of harmful chemicals). My Some Call Me Crunchy line of products are made with all natural ingredients and don't include any harsh chemicals (I include how I use those in the facial care routine post). While I do use makeup products from a few different companies, most everything comes from Beautycounter. I've been using their makeup for years and can't say enough good things about them. 


After completing my facial care routine in the AM: 

Step 1: SPF

I included this step in the facial care routine, but I'm a firm believer that SPF is a MUST so I'm including it here again. I wear sunscreen on my face EVERY SINGLE DAY (even when it's cloudy). I double by using both an SPF moisturizer and an SPF foundation (step 4). As I mentioned in the previous post, the moisturizer I use is the Cosmedix Hydrate with SPF 17.

Step 2: Eye Primer

I don't use a face primer, but eye primer is a must for me because my eye makeup tends to clump otherwise (pretty sure this is because I oil cleanse and there can sometimes be residual oil). I use and love the Alima Pure Eye Primer

Step 3: Concealer

Y'all. I have three different concealers in my makeup bag and I really like them all for different reasons. 

Concealer #1: Beautycounter Touchup Skin Concealer Pen (my color is Light). This concealer glides on smoothly and it's doesn't cake. I would say this is the least coverage of the three, but I like how it goes on and some days I just don't need as much. 

Concealer #2: Fit Glow Beauty Conceal +. This one is probably your best bet for an overall coverage. It works great for under the eyes and on blemishes. It's a fuller coverage and I've found that putting the SCMC Eye Serum on before applying this helps it to go on more smoothly. 

Concealer #3: Ultra Pure Mineral Under Eye Concealer Pink Tint. This is the one I grab when I don't sleep well and the dark circles are really bad. I also use the SCMC Eye Serum under this one. 

Step 4: Foundation

Most days I prefer a light coverage and wear the Beautycounter Dew Skin with SPF 20 (I wear the #2 shade). It feels SO GOOD on my skin and it's probably my can't do without makeup product. If it's a date night or a more special occasion, I layer the Beautycounter Tint Skin on top of the Dew Skin. The Tint Skin is a fuller more matte coverage and the Dew Skin is lighter and leaves your skin more dewy (hence the name). 

Step 5: Blush 

Color Pinch Cream Blusher in Umber. This blush stick is wonderful and if I was only allowed two makeup items it would be this and the Dew Skin. There are two other lighter colors available (Hibiscus and Caramel), but Umber is my favorite. It looks dark in the stick but you just have to use the tiniest bit and smooth it in with your finger. One stick lasts me about six months. It can also double as a lip stick.

Step 6: Eyes 

Beautycounter has some great eye shadows but they sadly stopped making the small two color palette and I really only use one color. If you like a lot of different colors to choose from then take a look at their larger palettes. I like a pearly, off white type color and I've found that I really like this Alima Pressed Eye Shadow in Gamine. I use the Beautycounter Color Outline Pencil in Black and their Lengthening Mascara. My eyes are super sensitive and these products are some of the only ones that don't make them itch. 

Step 7: Lips

Most days I just wear the SCMC Lip Balm (I may be biased but it really is the best lip balm). When I'm feeling like being a little fancier I go for the Beautycounter Red Color Intense Lipstick (this is a matte lipstick and has notes of peppermint) or the Beautycounter Sheer Lipstick in Poppy (lighter color and moisturizing with a vanilla scent). 


And that's it! While 7 steps may seem like a lot, it really just takes me about 5 minutes to do my makeup in the morning (which is nice, because KIDS). 


Have any questions for me about my routine? Feel free to ask away in the comments or email me at 


Note: This post contains a few Amazon affiliate links. Also, after many years of using and loving Beautycounter products, I am now a consultant. If you decide to purchase any Beautycounter that I recommend, I would be honored if you purchased them under me (unless you already have a consultant). You can purchase through me using the link below or simply choose me as your consultant at checkout.

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