All Natural Baby Skin Care

March 01, 2018

All Natural Baby Skin Care

If you've been following my all natural journey, then you know that I think it is super important to use products on your body that are non-toxic and not loaded with tons of harmful chemicals. Our skin is our largest organ and what we put on it matters. This is not only hugely important for you, but also for your little ones.  

I've had a lot of questions recently about what products to use for babies (especially during the winter and dry skin season), so I'm going to go through our routine below. I'll also list some other practical tips for dealing with baby skin issues. 

Baby Skincare Routine

1) Bathing

I only bath my little man (he's 6 months old) once a week. He and my daughter both had issues with eczema, so I limit their baths to once per week in the winter. When bathing, I use an unscented castile bar soap made by my friend Kelly over at UdderLe Clean (she doesn't yet sell online, but I"ll be selling these bars in my shop soon). I refrain from using liquid soaps because they can often be more drying. Castile soap is made with olive oil which really helps to clean without stripping moisture from the skin. 

2) After Bath

After bathing, while his skin is still damp, I apply either Some Call Me Crunchy Lavender Body Butter or Baby Balm. If his skin is really dry and he's had some eczema flair ups, I use the Baby Balm. If his skin is pretty normal that day, I use the body butter

3) In Between Baths

Throughout the week and in between baths, I spot treat with Some Call Me Crunchy Eczema Cream on any dry patches. I also apply the lavender body butter to his whole body before bed every day or so (the lavender also helps with calming in preparation for bedtime). 


 Baby Skincare Tips

Does your baby have many dry skin issues? Here are a few other tips that might help. You might also want to read my previous blog post about eczema. 

1) Could allergies be the culprit? Look at my previous blog post (linked above) that explores this more. For my little guy, when I cut dairy out of my diet, it helped his skin tremendously. When he starts solids, I'll also be careful to note which foods cause any eczema flair ups.

2) Limit baths as much as possible in the winter. 

3) Also pay attention to what laundry detergent you use. I personally use this by Seventh Generation.


Still have questions? Feel free to email me at or comment below. For a limited time, I'm also including a free bar of UdderLe Clean Castile soap with the purchase of my Baby Care Gift Set. Offer expires March 30, 2018. No coupon code necessary. Free item will be automatically included. 

Photo: Emma Frances Logan Photography

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