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Harry Potter House Pencils

Harry Potter House Pencils by Grey Street Paper

Nothing says fall like a new set of pencils and all of the wizarding world students heading back to Hogwarts. Snag a set that represents your Hogwarts house or a set of Wizarding Spells!  

Each set comes with (6) 7.5" hexagon pencils. Wood cased. #2 lead. 


Wizard Spells: Expelliarmus, Lumos, Alohomora, Riddikulus, Wingardium Leviosa, and Expecto Patronum 

Slytherin House: Slytherin (3), Proud, Ambitious, Cunning

Hufflepuff House: Hufflepuff (3), Hard Work, Patience, Loyalty 

Gryffindor House: Gryffindor (3), Courage, Bravery, Determination 

Ravenclaw House: Ravenclaw (3), Learning, Wisdom, Wit


These are limited, so get your favorites before they are gone! 



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