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Handmade Rice Eye Pillow

These beautiful rice filled eye packs are a great way to take just a moment to ground and center yourself by providing natural pain and stress relief using either heat or cold therapy. The outer cover is removable + washable. 

Maker: Beloved by Vida Wilson



For soothing warmth, place in microwave for 1-3 minutes. Use CAUTION when placing on eyes. 

For cool relief, place in freezer for 30+ minutes.

While this rice pack is sized for the eye area, it can be used for other areas of the body as well. Use for meditation, puffy eyes, sty, small burns, cystic acne, toothaches, and any other sore or swollen area. 

Machine wash sleeve only on gentle cycle, delicate to dry. Spot clean insert if needed and air dry fully before use. 

These are 4 inches x 8 inches but may vary slightly as they are each hand sewn.


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