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Fall Seasonal Essential Oil Candles

These limited edition essential oil candles embody the very essence of fall! Fall is the most wonderful time of the year, so I couldn't pick just one scent for this autumn release. Choose between the following (or just go ahead and buy both!): 

Option 1: Cedar & Eucalyptus. Think falling leaves. 11oz in a white ceramic vessel. $26.

Option 2: Orange, Clove, & Cedar. Think pumpkin spice with a woodsy twist. 8oz in a mason jar with a black lid. $14.

We've collaborated with a fellow female maker over at Scent Workshop to bring you these seasonal candles using 100% essential oils (no synthetics) in a soy wax base with a paper cotton wick. These are available for a limited time, so grab one before they sell out for the season! 

Made in Greensboro, NC by Scent Workshop.


Note: The Orange, Clove, & Cedar candle varies in color from light orange to a deeper orange due to the orange essential oil. 

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