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Blind Date With a Book ~ Fall Edition


Welcome to the second edition of Blind Date with a Book! I had so much fun matching you with summer reads that I decided to do a fall edition. This edition will feature mysteries, suspense, and psychological thrillers. 

And (drumroll, please) my good friend Hannah Kody will be teaming up with me this time to help match you with the perfect book for fall! Hannah is my go-to for this genre and always helps me find the next best mystery to read. She's also a playlist extraordinaire and one half of the brains behind The Lazy Sisters podcast (which you should most definitely subscribe to). She's one of my favorite book BFFs and I'm so excited that she's helping this go round. 


How will it work? 

You'll purchase a book without knowing which book you'll be getting. Once you've purchased, you'll receive an email within 24 hrs that will include a link to a brief survey about your mystery/suspense reading preferences which will help us match you with a book! Each book will also include a note/bookmark from us telling you what we loved about the book and why we chose it for you. 

There are 15 of these BLIND DATE spots open, so be ready to snag one for yourself on release day! 

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