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Sea Sponge ~ for gentle facial exfoliation

These natural silk sea sponges are responsibly harvested from off the coast of the Philippines and provide gentle exfoliation for delicate facial skin.

Directions: Use a damp sponge on soapy skin (use while double cleansing with one of our Handmade Goatmilk Soaps) to gently buff away dead skin cells and dirt. The sea sponge contains natural minerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, zinc, and potassium) that nourish and benefit the skin. 

Caring for your sponge: Every few weeks, soak your sponge in 1 cup warm water with 1 tablespoon baking soda for 15 minutes. Then rinse and let dry. The baking soda cleans the sponge as well as revitalizes its cellular structure and increasing durability. After each use, allow your sponge to completely dry. Don't keep them in the shower, but hang them somewhere they can completely dry out. 

To disinfect: Soak your sponge in 1 Tablespoon apple cider or white vinegar and 1 cup warm water. 

Do not: Place your sponge in boiling water, a dryer or the microwave. This will make your sponge hard. Don't use bleach or twist or pull your sponge. Your sponge can last years if taken care of properly. 

Sponges vary in color and shape but are roughly 1.5-2". Brought to you by Nash and Jones. 


A note from Nash and Jones about harvesting: 

All natural sea sponges are a renewable resource. When sponges are harvested, the sponge divers hand cut each sponge to ensure that more than one inch of the base remains in tact. The sponge then regrows back to its original form within 3-5 years. Studies show that areas harvested actually increase the population density of sponges.

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