5 Things I Love About Gilmore Girls

We are only THREE DAYS away from the Gilmore Girls Reunion release! To celebrate, these are my five favorite things about the show:

Coffee, coffee, coffee. Lorelai and Rory have a serious obsession with coffee. Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee, or five? And who wouldn’t want to get coffee every day at Luke’s Diner??


Rory’s Love of Books. Rory’s obsession with books is one to be emulated. I mean, who doesn’t take a book with them to their school dance just in case?


Town Hall Meetings. One of my favorite town hall meetings is in season 1 when Lorelai and Rory bring popcorn and snacks and predict exactly when Luke will have an outburst. I secretly hope that the meetings in my neighborhood will be like the ones in Stars Hollow (they are disappointedly much more civil).


Luke. He’s not perfect, but he’s steady and someone nice to hang out with Lorelai until she drops dead.

luke and lorelai.jpg

Lorelai and Rory. I saved the best for last. The relationship between these two makes me have all sorts of warm and fuzzies. They aren’t perfect, but they figure out how to navigate life with a side of laughter and craziness.

lorelai and rory.jpg

Okay… it’s your turn! What are your favorite things about Gilmore Girls??

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