SomeCallMeCrunchy Etsy Relaunch

It’s here, it’s here!! It’s finally here!


I can’t begin to tell you have excited I am about relaunching my Etsy shop. One of my goals for the year was to get official labels for my products and to rework my Etsy profile. With the help of some wonderful people, I was able to make that happen!

Click here to view my Etsy Shop Page. There is also a permanent link in my menu bar.

A huge thank you to these people: 

Michael VanPatter: Michael is extremely talented and has an Etsy shop of his own. He agreed to design labels for my products back in December and I couldn’t be happier about the final result. Please visit his Etsy shop and check out his work (or just come to my house because I have his signs all over my house)!

Frances Logan Photography: This lady does all of our family pictures and now she has done an amazing job with my product photos. It’s so great working with someone who is talented and also a dear friend. If you need someone for a wedding, baby & family photos, head shots, etc., she is your girl. Check out her website here.

My Husband: Last, but definitely not least, a huge thanks to my husband who has been super encouraging and helped with dinner many nights so that I could make this happen. He works so hard for our family and also wants me to be able to do what I love. So incredibly thankful for him.


2 thoughts on “SomeCallMeCrunchy Etsy Relaunch

  1. Jessi asked about the face cleansing products that you blend. Can you let me know the prices you had on the sheet at Sarah’s show. She’s been using Argan oil but it’s expensive too.

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