Behold the Lamb of God


Behold the Lamb of God is a yearly Christmas show put on by Andrew Peterson and many of his musician friends.  My husband and I have been going for the past 10 years and this year’s show was last Thursday in Durham.  I always go knowing that I will be encouraged, but after leaving the show this year, I was kind of struck by the beauty of repetition.  This is nothing new as many churches and Christians celebrate advent, lent, and other parts of the liturgical year.  I’ve had the head knowledge that repetition is a good thing, but it didn’t really sink in just how beneficial it is until I was sitting and listening to these familiar songs once again.  At this Christmas show the same thing happens every year. Andrew introduces himself and the musicians he has brought along with him. Many of them have been touring with him from the beginning, but there are always a few new faces. They then each sing a few of their own songs during the “music in the round” portion and after a brief intermission the musicians come back out and perform Behold the Lamb of God. These songs tell about the coming of Christ starting way back with Abraham and the promises God made to him and continues on all the way to Christ’s birth. It is truly a beautiful thing.  I listen to this album on repeat during this time of year and know most all of the words. I’ve enjoyed listening to it this year with my one year old daughter as I sing and we both dance to the music. I want her to grow up knowing these songs and knowing that they tell the true story of Christmas. I’m so thankful that Andrew Peterson decided to write these songs 16 years ago and that they have become part of our Christmas tradition.

Links for information about Andrew Peterson: 

Andrew Peterson’s Website

Behold the Lamb of God: Purchase the music here and also listen to a sample of each song.

The Rabbit Room: This is a bookstore, music store, and blog where Andrew Peterson and other creative friends share stories, poetry, music, and much more.

The Wingfeather Saga: This is Andrews four book fantasy series. I’ve heard it described as Harry Potter meets The Chronicles of Narnia.  I’m reading book two right now, so I’ll let you know if I agree with that assessment once I’m done. 🙂


Other things I’m reading for Advent: 

She Reads Truth “Born is the King”  Advent 2015 Devotional

Behold the Lamb of God by Russ Ramsey



2 thoughts on “Behold the Lamb of God

  1. Carl and I need to go see this show. Let us know next year so we can go with you guys! I would love to read Russ Ramsey’s book. He is a great guy. I went to college with him – just a genuine believer who truly loves the Lord. Great post – thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. There is still one more this year in Charlotte. I believe it’s Thursday of this week though. We will definitely let you know next year and we can all go together! The Russ Ramsey book has been really good. It basically gives a narrative like the Behold the Lamb of God songs do. So cool that you went to college with him!

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