Butcher & Bee, Charleston, SC


After the great South Carolina flood the week before last, my family and I were eventually able to make it down to Charleston for vacation.  The flood waters had receded over most of Charleston and we were able to enjoy the city without all of the humidity that we usually experience in the summer.  My mission while there (besides reading a handful of books and relaxing) was to branch out and find some new places to eat.  I came up with a list of about 10 new places I wanted to visit and was able to at least drop by most of them.  By far, my favorite of these new places (and possibly my new favorite in all of Charleston) was Butcher & Bee.  This amazing little restaurant is located on Upper King in the downtown area. They are open for lunch Monday-Friday, brunch on Saturday and Sunday, and have a late-night menu on Friday and Saturday. Their menu changes daily and you won’t actually know what they will be serving up until you walk in the door (or find it on Facebook).  We actually ate here twice because the food was so good and it’s not nearly as expensive as some of the other restaurants we enjoy in the city.  Our first visit was for lunch; My husband got the roast beef sandwich and while he thought it was very good, he was just a little jealous of my pork belly fried rice that was so amazingly delicious.   For our second visit, we went for Sunday brunch; TJ got their classic burger (which he says trumps a little burger spot here in Greensboro that supposedly has the best burger in the United States) and I ordered cheese grits that were to die for and a stuffed acorn squash that gave me a whole new perspective on life.

Pork Belly Fried Rice
Classic Burger
Squash on Squash

Butcher & Bee has also opened a breakfast spot (located right in front of their original building) called The Daily.  They serve up smoothies, Stumptown coffee, a light breakfast, and other fresh market items to take with you for lunch.  Both Butcher & Bee and The Daily are places that you don’t just want to eat at, but you feel like you should pull up a chair and stay for a while.  Do yourself and favor and do just that.  You won’t be disappointed.

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