The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty

Last AnniversarySophie Honeywell is 39 years old and often reminds herself that her biological clock is ticking away.  She thought she had found “the one” when she was with Thomas, but he just wasn’t right for her and she ended up breaking his heart.  Three years later when Thomas calls asking to have lunch with her, Sophie is definitely curious as to what he wants to talk about. Never in a million years did she think that Thomas was meeting with her to let her know that his Aunt Connie had died and that she had left her house on Scribbly Gum Island to Sophie.  Apparently during her one visit with Connie when she was alive, Sophie couldn’t stop talking about how much she loved Aunt Connie’s house.  After finally deciding to accept the gift left to her, Sophie finds herself moving to Scribbly Gum island and starting a whole new life.  Oh… and in Aunt Connie’s letter explaining why she left the house to Sophie, Connie also tells her that she is pretty sure she has found the perfect man for Sophie and that he lives on the island.

My Thoughts: 

As in true Liane Moriarty fashion, this book is told from multiple perspectives.  It starts a little slow as you work to figure out how all of the narrators are connected, but the pace picks up as you get to know all of her wonderful characters.  One thing I really like about Moriarty’s books is that she tells beautiful stories about people in the midst of their lives.  She doesn’t just show the good and wonderful and the endings are not always how you think they will be.  Her characters struggle to navigate life, but also find hope in the midst of hard times.  Books like these remind me just how important stories are as they help us figure out our own lives.

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