The Final Piece by Maggi Myers

Beth Bradshaw hasn’t had the easiest life. From the time she was five years old, Beth was sexually abused by a family friend.  Her drug abusing parents didn’t notice what was happening and Beth kept it to herself for years.  Beth finally decides to tell her mother, who chooses not to believe her.  It isn’t until her uncle and his best friend Tommy come to visit that she finds someone who will.  Surrounded by comfort and love from her extended family, Beth slowly begins to come out of the shell she has hidden in for so long.  While spending that summer with her grandparents, Beth also gets to know  Tommy’s nephew, Ryan, who becomes her first love. 

Years later, Beth finds that she is still struggling to pick up the pieces from her broken life.  When another tragedy strikes, Beth is forced to look back at her life and face all that she has been running away from.

My Thoughts:
I met Maggi Myers a few years ago, but wasn’t aware that she was a writer.  When I heard that she had written a book, I was eager to get my hands on a copy.  I was not disappointed.  I fell in love with her characters from the beginning.  Beth is a character who struggles deeply and I found myself rooting for her to heal and find love. Beth’s extended family members were her safe haven and a beautiful picture of love in the midst of tragedy.  I read this book in less than two days and wanted to read it again after I was finished.  Be sure to put this one at the top of you summer reading list! 

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